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Tree Relocation & Installation

Tree Relocation, Roseville, CA Moving a tree may be done for various reasons, such as increasing privacy, fulfilling property restrictions, or keeping the "grade one fir" in the family. We adore trees, so any justification for tree relocation or shifting is good.

Trees are the biggest plants, particularly when considering how high their branches reach into the sky and how vast their roots are in the ground. Moving even the tiniest tree while ensuring it isn't harmed in any way may be a considerable task. You can rely on our company for tree relocation whether you need it relocated onto, away from, and around your property.

Tree Transplanting

Utilizing our unique specialized tree spades, Props can provide our customers with a multitude of options for their properties. Rather than planting a smaller tree and patiently waiting for its growth, our customers are able to purchase larger caliper trees to be transplanted for instant results. Additionally, our customers can utilize the trees that are already on the property rather than cutting down and replanting new, much smaller trees. It also allows eco-conscious consumers the option to relocate, rather than remove a mature tree.

Contract growing is available. All trees are monitored and maintained by our Registered Consulting Arborist. The trees can be sold from our nursery and installed by you or your professional, or be delivered and installed by us. CALL US FOR OUR CURRENT DISCOUNT PRICES ON ALL OUR INVENTORY!!! (916)923-2507

Our growing grounds are located in Davis, Ca and can be shown by appointment only.

Elderberry Transplanting

Trees on the Go have moved an excess of 5000 Elderberry shrubs in recent years. Our current staffs are very knowledgeable in identifying shrubs and moving them successfully. We are experienced in having to identify and survey shrubs such as sizes and stem counts prior to transplanting for additional shrubs to alleviate any delay. Trees on the Go have transplanted numerous shrubs deemed as NON-TRANSPLANTABLE by the US Fish and Wildlife due to site conditions.

Services For Custom Tree Relocation

With a qualified arborist in charge, the staff at our business understands how to move a tree securely. For instance, your little city lot has a large tree with just too many trees for the area. With the crown tied off, you can move that tree to a location with lots of room to expand. Our knowledge and experience will ensure a smooth transition.

However, moving is difficult for trees, whether young or old. We properly water the tree before moving it, cover it in a tarp, and plant it as soon as possible in its new location. If you are looking for reliable tree relocation services, please call Props Tree & Landscape Inc. at 916-997-5513. You can also write to us through this Online Form, and we will contact you soon to discuss your requirements.