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About Us

Work Ethics

We are a 2nd generation, family-owned and operated tree company providing tree service for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on the knowledge that our clients feel confident with our estimates, crew, and our service. 100% satisfaction guarantee is our goal. Our clients become our tree family!

License and Insurance

Our company has maximum liability insurance, workman’s compensation insurance, and auto insurance. Certificates of insurance are provided with all estimates. If a company does not have proof of insurance coverage, you are not protected if an employee gets hurt or damage occurs on/to your property.

Credentials and Training

Our company and tree doctors are certified with the highest level of training in the industry. Annual recertification and required continuing education units keep us skilled and informed of industry standards. Safely is our priority. The health of your trees and the well-being of your property could be at risk – ask us why it is important to follow proper tree industry techniques.

Getting an Estimate

Doing some research before hiring a tree care company may take a little time, but can save a lot of money. When you request a free estimate from us, you will receive an onsite visit from one of our industry-qualified tree arborists, a professionally written proposal detailing the recommendations, and an itemized job cost.

Comparing Prices and Recommendations

It is common for estimates to vary. We are always willing to explain our estimates and offer competitive pricing if our competitor is similar in qualifications and job specifications. Our main concern is you are being serviced by professionals that care about you, your property, and your trees.


Our Father Rodney Props along with our Mother Jody Props started our tree care company 'Props Tree Care' as a ma and pa operation back in 1974, when times were much simpler and contracts were made verbally and signed with a handshake.

Our parents had a vision of turning their little tree business into a well-known tree care company, with a reputation for doing the best work in town. You might say our Dad was a perfectionist when it came to pruning trees. He was much more advanced than most tree services back then. Even though most companies were turning trees into hat racks, our Dad was pruning trees for aesthetics and balance.

As many people know starting a company takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get it off on the right foot! Our Dad was usually found working on some piece of equipment in the shop at our home in Carmichael. Whether it was fabricating a new tool or rebuilding a piece of equipment, he was always working hard to ensure the business would succeed!

While Dad was handling the field operations and maintaining the equipment, Mom was running the legal side of the business. From answering phones to paying the bills.

With the family business being run from our home in Carmichael, back when that was considered out in the country; it was not a surprise that we kids, Robert, Ricky & Roni all became an integral part of the business!

With us boys helping Dad with the building and maintenance of the equipment and our sister answering phones for Mom at a really young age. You could say Arboriculture was bread into us!

We look forward to building great relationships with our clients that will last a lifetime and we strive to continue the legacy our Father and Mother started over 37 years ago!


We at Props Tree & Landscape, Inc. stand for expertise, creativity and many years of experience. We strive to protect the environment and use only eco-friendly materials.

Being a family business and serving our community for over 36 years, we strive to do the best in all aspects of our industry. We employ great family-oriented personnel that love what they do and that is what makes up the team at Props Tree & Landscape, Inc.

See for yourself and get to know us better!

Our Team — Robert Props in Rocklin, CA

Robert Props

Vice President
ASCA, Registered Consulting Arborist #429

As a son of Props and Company founder, Rodney Props, Robert has a lifetime of experience in the Arboriculture industry. At the mere age of 7 years, Robert learned how to operate stump grinders with his father. From there, he learned how to operate and maintain chainsaws, operate brush chippers, and operate tree spades, and cranes. He began climbing and pruning trees full time in 1991, which helped him gain the experience to become a Certified Arborist in 1993.

Team — Rick Props in Rocklin, CA

Rick Props

Vice President
Pest Control QAL #98474

As a son of Props and Company founder, Rodney Props, Rick has a lifetime of experience in the Arboriculture industry. At the mere age of 5 years, Rick learned how to operate stump grinders with his father. Like his older brother, Rick also learned how to operate and maintain chainsaws, become proficient as a tree climber, operate brush chippers, and operate tree spades, and cranes.